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Commercial Property Owners 

Fee Schedule – Commercial Properties

BC Assessment area offices make a variety of products and services available to property owners who wish to become more informed about the assessment process and the valuation of their own properties.

The products listed in the table below are available free of charge to commercial property owners in BC for their own properties, upon request to their area offices. Information is also provided free to a lawyer acting on behalf of an owner or to anyone who can be confirmed as an agent acting on behalf of the owner.

The fee schedule below outlines charges to property owners in BC or others who are requesting information on properties that they do not own. For information on methods of payment, click here.

2016 Combined CPTA Market Value Forum October 29, 2015

Property Value Summary (PVS) - Commercial

Summary of detailed valuation information (e.g. vacancy rates) about a business property such as a retail establishment.

No fee if:

• in accordance with Property Assessment Appeal Board practice directives and requested as a ‘comparable’ in preparation for an appeal to the Property Assessment Appeal Board.

• ordered by the Property Assessment Appeal Board.

If neither of the above applies, and you are not the owner or the owner’s agent, or a lawyer representing the owner, $100 per property for routine request, $200 for a priority request.


BC Assessment places a great deal of emphasis on protecting the confidentiality of the information that is entrusted to us. Release of any of the above information is in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and has been determined to be non-confidential.

Methods of Payment

Customers may choose to pay for BC Assessment information products and services by any one of the following methods:

  • in Canadian currency
  • by personal cheque. The customer's name and current address must be pre-printed by the customer's bank on their cheque. Cheques must be drawn on a Canadian bank, in Canadian funds, and must be made payable to BC Assessment
  • by money order. All money orders must be in Canadian funds and made payable to BC Assessment

Payment must be received by BC Assessment before information can be released.